15 March 2010

Two stories from the George Brown College Kitchen

Here are a couple of good news stories from the George Brown College Chef School:

The first is from today's Globe and Mail, and showcases the Community Health Education through Food (CHEF) program. This program is one way the GBC Chef School is giving back to the community by working with our community partners to find ways to make nutritious and healthy food to the city's poor and homeless. Chefs and volunteers convene at the Chef School to learn how to make healthy meals from standard food bank items. It's a great story, and one more example of how George Brown College supports social innovation in Toronto.

The second story is about Mill Pond Cannery and Preserves. Our chefs and food scientists have been working with Mill Pond over the past year or so to help them develop their fruit butter products. In the interest of applied research I have tried several of these, and they are delicious! The good news here is that the fruit butters have been picked up by McEwan's (see below for a picture of the products on the shelf). This is a real mark of success for Mill Pond and their innovative products - congratulations!

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