29 October 2007

George Brown Internally Funded Applied Research Projects

A list of the George Brown Internally Funded Applied Research Projects has been posted here. Congratulations to all applicants. There is a wonderful variety of projects spanning all disciplines and divisions in the College.

We will be posting more news and success stories on our site in the coming weeks. Watch this space for more details.

22 October 2007

Hiring: Business Developer, Applied Research and Innovation

The George Brown Office of Applied Research and Innovation is hiring for a Business Developer, Applied Research and Innovation. Please follow this link for the posting: http://www.georgebrown.ca/Admin/hr/jobs/10-19-07/07-164.pdf

We would like to hear from any qualified candidates who might be interested in this job.

E-Learning in Quebec City

The AACE ELearn conference was held in Quebec City last week, and was a very good international overview of the state of things in this area of research. Many sessions were focused on best practices, evaluation results, new tools and the like. Quite a few sessions were on health information online, both in terms of e-learning for clinicians as well as for patients.

I saw an excellent presentation by Holly Witteman of the University of Toronto who, along with Laura O'Grady, is investigating the use of tag clouds on PEPTalk. This is an interesting use of the PEPTalk application that my colleague Lynda Atack and I have been working on for the past couple of years. After seeing Holly's presentation, I am looking forward to starting this new phase in earnest.

09 October 2007

ACCC Conference Call for Papers

The Association of Canadian Community Colleges is holding their annual conference in Prince George, BC, 25-27 May 2008. Their Call for Papers was released some time ago, and the deadline is 15 October.

Session topics will include:
  • Community, economic, social, cultural development
  • Research, innovation and commercialization
  • Workforce development
  • Programs and services for Aboriginal peoples
  • Immigrant settlement and labour market integration
  • Serving disadvantaged communities
  • Environment
  • College and institute governance
  • Student leadership

Proposals can be submitted online.