30 July 2012

Innovation, clusters

Here is some good news from Canada's manufacturing companies. The story has some good examples of innovation in practice, and bodes well for those companies that put innovation as a business strategy front and centre. The story is a bit of a contrast from one I read earlier in the summer that paints a gloomy picture of the Canadian technology market. While some say RIM should not be counted out, I did note that there is no Blackberry app for the Canadian Olympic app, an unfortunate coincidence.

And while we are on the topic of summer reading, here is a good report from the Toronto Board of Trade:
Business Takes the Lead: Collaborate to Compete is a report from the Toronto Region Economic
Summit, held on 29 March 2012. My report on this is here, and this call to action is a good reminder why the Toronto area is one of the world's leading economic regions, and has the capacity for more. I look forward to supporting the further development of the innovation clusters as outlined in this report.