02 October 2013

Toronto Vital Signs 2013 launched - going from analog to digital

Rahul Bhardwaj, president and CEO of the Toronto Community Foundation, yesterday launched the release of the 2013 Toronto Vital Signs report. The report offers an excellent look in the Toronto region and the basis for our future prosperity. This year's theme, "Reboot the logic, please," shows why Toronto is the fourth ranked most livable city in the world, but warns there is work to be done to ensure we continue our leadership position. There are issues to deal with - transit, housing, employment - that requires us to reboot our approaches. In the opening message, Bhardwaj states: "Yes, this logic reboot carries risk. But the real peril lies in staying the course. If we opt for the status quo, we risk becoming analog players in a digital world – left behind as a city of the past."

A compelling metaphor, and one germane to many aspects of the Canadian experience. Read the report; it's a good look at the drivers for social and economic prosperity.

George Brown College is the Lead Research Partner and a proud partner in the report.

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