23 October 2008

The Innovation Economy

A Globe and Mail report from the annual meeting of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada quotes an address by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty as saying that research is crucial to Canada weathering the weakening economy. While the AUCC is concerned only with university research, Flaherty broadens this to include colleges: "This is a critical time in Canada in terms of making sure that in our public-policy decisions that we support universities and colleges. . . . Colleges and universities are very important to the future of our country." As the federal Science and Technology Strategy makes clear, leveraging all aspects of the R&D continuum is crucial for Canada's competitiveness.

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Anonymous said...

It seems this is the only field, where politicians from the various party have always the same opinion. Innovations, research and education is THE ONLY investment, which is 100% safe! But I believe there are always two players - universities and employers. It's nice to have well educated citizens,but what if they are leaving the country to find better positions. We have to present our capabilities!
Take care