27 July 2007

OCE Discovery Session on Solar Energy

The Ontario Centres of Excellence is holding a Discovery Session on Solar Energy today in anticipation of an OCE call for proposals on solar energy. The location is:

Room 7180 - Bahen Centre for Information Technology (BA) 40 St. George Street M5S 2E4
http://oracle.osm.utoronto.ca/map/index2.html (Bahen Centre code: BA)
(Co-incidentally the home of KMDI).

The focus on solar energy is a strategic alignment with the federal government's S&T Strategy. The OCE's goal is to "launch significant research to commercialization projects which will be transformative for the energy sector in the province and position Ontario on the world stage." We've been discussing applied research options with a CarbonFree Technology, a solar energy company based in Toronto, so the OCE session is timely. We'll keep you posted as things develop.

And speaking of things solar, here's an interesting bit of news on the latest in solar research: Paint-On Solar Panels.

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