22 May 2012

Innovation or, the week that was

Last week was a good week for innovation, with two conferences held that are good harbingers of innovation potential. Discovery 2012 as always featured a vast array of of demonstrations of innovation and innovation potential. I also had the good fortune to be part of a panel on innovation intermediaries at the annual Re$earch Money Conference on "Budget 2012: Canada's new innovation strategy for an age of austerity?". While I was only able to attend the second day of Re$earch Money, it was one of the best discussions I've seen on innovation in Canada. The panel on Implications for innovative companies was excellent, as was keynotes by
Peter Nicholson, Founding President, Canadian Council of Academies (“Disrupting Canada’s Low-Innovation Equilibrium”) and The Honorable Kevin Lynch, Vice Chair, BMO Financial (“Economic renewal, Innovation and Budgets: A Longer-term Perspective”). Next year is not to be missed.

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