23 May 2012

George Brown College hosts Minister Goodyear for CFI announcement

Minister of State for Science and Technology Gary Goodyear was at George Brown College yesterday morning to announce the winners of the Canada Foundation for Innovation College-Industry Innovation Fund. Minister Goodyear spoke about the importance of engaging industry in innovation and fostering a culture of business innovation coupled closely with our research and development infrastructure.

As our press release notes, George Brown College has received funding for the Green Homes initiative, which provides an industry-focused applied research and innovation program tightly integrated with the training of highly qualified and skilled personnel in areas such as advanced construction systems, green energy integration and computer-enabled, efficient residential buildings. The project will provide private sector partners and George Brown College students enrolled in the Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies (CCET) programs increased opportunities to pursue applied research projects, resulting in regional economic development and workplace-readiness for students. The following organizations are involved in the Green Homes initiative: ADL Process Inc., Canadian Computer Technology Inc., Centennial Global Technology Inc., Clearsphere Consulting, Convergineering Inc., eCamion Inc., eTime Energy Inc., Green Power Solutions Holding Ltd., SMT Resarch Ltd. and Zillacomm Canada Inc.

It is industry that creates jobs and wealth. Because colleges and polytechnics are close to industry, we are ideal innovation intermediaries to help industry innovate. We help industry get new products and services to market while future-proof the talent pool for the innovation economy, graduating students with innovation literacy who, while helping industry to innovate today, ensure they are able to innovate tomorrow as well. As Nobina Robinson, CEO of Polytechnics Canada, says in the Polytechnics Canada press release, "This kind of funding strengthens the ability of Canada’s college and polytechnic sector to better serve the needs of their industry clients.”

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