09 October 2012

The Globe and Mail on Education and Research: Time for Change

The Globe and Mail has launched a new series on education in their Our Time to Lead feature. I am a member of the Globe's Advisory Panel for this feature, and I have been enjoying the opportunity to be part of the conversation with colleagues from across the country. The online interactive site features videos from Advisory Panel members, as well as commentary on aspects of education and research. Also of note is the Editorial from Saturday, in which the Globe outlines the need for universities and polytechnics to play to their strengths as we encourage differentiation and partnerships. The Editorial also refers to the Council of Canadian Academies' Expert Panel on the State of Science and Technology in Canada report, which  indicates the need for more commercialization of research. It is a good time to be engaging in this discussion; my hope is that we can leverage this for a collaborative push forward as Canada realizes the advantage of working together across universities, polytechnics and colleges, and industry, for both outcomes-based education and research.

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