09 March 2009

New online resource for RCI program

A new online resource for GBC's Research Commercialization and Innovation program has been launched. Social bookmarking site Delicious is used to categorize learning resources that will be used in the program. Tom Gram, who built the resource, has a good post about it here. We worked with Tom to define some of the parameters of the resource, and he came up with a very innovative way to use Delicious as integrated within problem based learning (PBL) strategies.

Most Learning Resource repositories are provided by instructors and course designers and are therefore one-directional. Students are left to identify and manage any supplementary resources they find in the course of their studies. A collaborative learning resource repository where resources can be shared, accessed and reviewed by students, instructors, and external experts all within the same environment will be a highly useful tool in the problem based learning process.

Potentially the greatest value of the Delicious-based RCI learning repository is its collaborative features. Students, instructors, and external experts are encouraged to add resources they find valuable and to grow the repository with new and valuable resources as they are discovered. The current site has over 120 resources. This number will grow and refine as students (and instructors) from session cohorts add their resources in the process of completing assigned projects.

Tom and I will be presenting a paper on this at the upcoming This Is IT conference, hosted by GBC's Learning Innovations and Academic Development department, 20-22 May.

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