09 January 2009

Innovation literacy

Innovation literacy: the ability to think creatively, evaluate, and apply problem-solving skills to diverse and intangible issues within industrial problems and multidisciplinary contexts. We believe that fostering innovation literacy in our highly qualified and skilled graduates is a key differentiator of the College/Polytechnic advantage, particularly as regards applied research conducted in close concert with industry and community needs.

By directly involving our students in industry-focused applied research we promote innovation literacy, producing graduates who have research, problem solving, leadership and entrepreneurship skills, and the ability to recognize innovation in the product development lifecycle. This is in addition to the job-ready skills our graduates already possess.

Innovation literacy is a key component of the GBC Research Labs' Strategic Plan, and is a cornerstone of our Strategy 2020 and integration of applied research across all curricula.

Updated: 27 February 2012

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