20 October 2008

First Issue of GBC Research Newsletter

Hot off the virtual press is the first research@georgebrown.ca newsletter. A permanent URI for it is available on our research archive: http://hdl.handle.net/10299/148.

This first issue features stories on Ontario Centres of Excellence-funded faculty projects in composition and computation, a story on student research, and a feature article on Professor Taras Gula, whose $7500 seed funding project has generated $75000 in external money through Inukshuk.

From the front page: The applied nature of the GBC Research Labs fills an important gap in the innovation-to-market cycle in the GTA region: we offer a platform for assessing the value of (technology and service) designs emerging from research and for suggesting appropriate modifications that increase potential for market success. GBC facilitates maximizing the return on investment in research, as well as the return on innovation in development activities.

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