14 May 2008

Ontario Centres of Excellence Discovery 08

The Ontario Centres of Excellence(OCE) Discovery 08 conference was held over the past two days, bringing together representatives from the entire R&D spectrum. The event is a great opportunity to meet other research institutions, investors, business owners and government representatives who are part of the innovation chain in Ontario. GBC Research had a booth at Discovery, which was a great success in making new contacts and showcasing the work we do across our network of labs. We also participated in the CONII booth, which also garnered a lot of interest in the applied research capabilities of Ontario's colleges. Colleges offer "last mile" R&D services to industry and academic partners - a topic I will be speaking at later this week at the UofT. In his introductory remarks yesterday, OCE CEO Mark Romoff asked "Where's Next?", challenging the crowd to look for ideas to take to the next level. This is our collective responsibility, a message echoed by the lunch time address by MRI's Minister John Wilkinson. The collective effort to exercise all aspects of the R&D spectrum will aid Ontario's - and Canada's - productivity.

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