17 December 2007

Research and Innovation Commercialization @ Precarn

Precarn has recently teamed up with Reid Eddison to launch a commercialization program for intelligent systems. This is another piece in the research and innovation (R&I) puzzle that will help us collectively pull up our productivity index. While reading their blog I noted also that Precarn has launched what they call IntelliFINDER Online Services, which is a matching service for R&I needs. It's similar to Innocentive. These kinds of matching services are like the lava life for the R&I set, a point I made some time ago about CONII. Just over a week ago I attended a session at the Toronto Region Research Alliance where a similar idea emerged for providing matching services for industry to contact academic and government research labs. This form of regional cooperation will aid us all in ensuring that Canadian research, development and innovation reaches markets.

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