31 August 2007

Three links: Science, Technology and Innovation Council; IP and You; Research Intelligence

The three stories below come from the latest KMDiary. The third, on the research intelligence portal, is very much like the Innocentive community, and is what I wrote about some time ago regarding the need to match researchers with industrial partners, funders and the like.

Canada Creates New Science, Technology and Innovation Council
This new council will provide the government with policy advice on science and technology issues and will produce regular national reports that measure Canada's science and technology performance against international standards of excellence.

Useful Links For Those Wishing To Learn About IP
In an effort to raise awareness and increase knowledge of IP in the education sector, CIPO has compiled a list of links that will be useful for students wishing to learn about IP (1)
(1) http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/sc_mrksv/cipo/learn/learn-e.html

Research Intelligence Portal
The Research Intelligence Portal deployed by Calit2 which promises to "aggregate to inform” offers the latest in Web 2.0-type technologies designed to help the institute's scientists and engineers find new funding opportunities and research partners (1). The site's tools offer information and insight that go well beyond what faculty members traditionally have relied upon to learn about available grants and collaborators for new research initiatives. Check it out.
(1) http://www.calit2.net/newsroom/article.php?id=1093

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