03 May 2007

Journal of Applied Research on Learning

Recently launched (April 2007) publication sponsored by the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL), the Journal of Applied Research on Learning offers an avenue for public discussion and dissemination of applied research focusing on learning. The CCL funds applied research projects in various sectors, and has an open Request for Proposals under the Theme of Work and Learning.

I've had two of my projects funded by CCL, one of which had GBC as a research partner prior to my coming here. The Survivorship Transition to Employment Project (STEP) is investigating how best to provide educational supports for breast cancer survivors who are reintegrating into the workforce during and after their cancer journey. This is a training program that will guide the development of patient competencies and necessary skills to refocus energies for returning to work after long treatment regimens. George Brown's Learning Innovations and Academic Development department is providing digital literacy modules for the project.

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